At this moment I am far above the trees

Floating, blowing with the winds

Gently rolling, swirling gloriously free

My body is weightless

My mind is open

Sun rays on my skin feel like embraces

Warm and welcoming


At this moment I am thrown by a gust

A sudden shift and fierce blow

Violently I am tossed, thrown higher than ever

Jerking and snapping, twisting in fear

My body is crippled

My mind is flooded

With questions no one can or will answer

Dismay and trepidation.

At this moment I plummet down to earth

Falling from nowhere but high up and hopeful

Quickly I draw in a full breath

My body is rigid

My mind is racing

Everything is below me

Seeing my fall

Bearing witness to my descent from nothing to madness

At this moment I birth two flames

From some womb inside me I never knew existed

I feel them scorching and scarring my skin

Searing pain untamed by the air as I fall even faster

They break apart, these floating flames

They become two

I am now half what I was or what I ever could be

One flame consumes me as I drop

This flame goes deep within me

It fuses into my whole being

The other dances away on the wind that swept me and dropped me

With no farewell at all

Its embers fade and the light goes dark in the distance

I can’t remember what it is I meant to forget

Confusion is all I know

At this moment I am on the ground

Staring up at what was, what is and seeing.

Seeing that Everything remains.

Grateful and beholden


I’m nearly whole, nearly unscalded

Marked by blisters and scars that are fading from wounds to memories

Turning my flesh I into a yet unfinished autobiography

At this moment, Everything is still

Still here. Still present.

Still winds and still waters make it possible for me to hear

A still mind and for one brief moment, quieted thoughts, muted pleas.

I’ve fallen completely.

And still I have Everything.

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