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I only know one person who actually has skin in the game in regards to Obamacare. Myself, and the majority of my friends, get our health care via our employers, and the line-item on our pay stubs is very small and rarely gets any bigger. Thus, it’s easy for people like me, a coastal tech employee, to talk a big game about how beneficial the ACA is to “other people” we don’t actually know.

But the one person I know who doesn’t get his insurance from his employer, and has to buy it himself? He know pays about as much as I do in mortgage for health care, to get BAD insurance, basically the lowest possible level of service. And prices continue to go up and up. Despite earning a good living, he’s at the breaking point.

I’m willing to bet none of these tweeters know anybody in this boat. I’m willing to bet every one of them gets great healthcare for “free” from their employers, and this entire issue is out of sight and out of mind, save for the partisan ideological component. They’re making the usual “whats a matter with Kansas” style arguments that suggest all of the people who listed Obamacare as a big reason they were voting Democrats out of office must all benefit from the ACA, they’ve just been tricked. Surely its impossible any of these people have skin in the game and are suffering, right?