WinX DVD Ripper is software for accelerating DVD ripping. In other words, you can digitize disk for convenient editing, sharing, backup and archiving. WinX DVD Ripper can convert images in different formats and versions. For example, it can convert DVD or ISO image to FLV, mpg, MP4, WMV, h.264 and #DVDRipper #DVDRippingSoftware

With sedentary life becoming common and overpowering, people are gradually becoming fitness conscious. Therefore, to remain alert about the routine lifestyle and avoid suffering from any disease, people simply download plank apps in their smartphones. Plank apps can improve your strength by #PlankApps #PlankWorkoutApps

Looking for a software to convert your videos? Use HD Video Converter Pro Factory and get the best Quality in less time with more than 300 formats supported. Let one of the best video converters — HD Video Converter Pro convert your videos and save space on your devices. You have videos that #4KVideoConverter #VideoConverter

If you are a modern technology enthusiast, chatbots with the best AI must have shown up on your radar. One of the most advanced tech solutions are chatbots, and they keep making our lives easier, even if we aren’t always sure when and how. To help you understand one of today’s best uses of #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Chatbot

It seems you’re using smartphones having low storage. And on top of that you want to play some cool games out there, right? Well, there should not be a relationship between having small storage capacity and playing games on android device. And that’s why I came up with the list of small size #GamesUnder10Mb #LightweightGames #SmallGames

Facebook — Who doesn’t know this word? Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users as of January 2018. People can forget their lunch or dinner but can’t forget to use Facebook. From small children to old people, everyone is now connected via Facebook. Thousands of photos are being #HiddenFacebookPhotos #SeeHiddenFacebookPhotos #ViewHiddenFacebookPhotos

Hey you! 👋 We’ve just got you. Yes, you are the one among all of those more than 100 million anime fans worldwide. If we capture a situation where we need to compare the popularity of any video or web series available worldwide, anime genre will be the winner. For instance, let we take Games of Thr #AnimeDownload #DownloadAnimeFromKissanime #KissanimeDownloader

Developed in 2005 and headquartered in New York, JW player is a video player software which is named after the founder and initial developer Jeroen Wijering. It was coded JavaScript at the backend in such a way that it significantly reduces the size of the video and it’s load time while uploaded #DownoadJwPlayerVideos #JwPlayer #JwPlayerVideoDownloader


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