6 Killer Chinese Translation Tips to Convey the Right Message

What would you prefer — A service that sounds beneficial but practically has no worth or the one that sounds beneficial and delivers authentic results? Obviously, the latter would be your choice. Similarly, while you are a translator, your clients expect that the output rendered from your end helps him in business expansion plus conveys the correct message for the target audience. If your translation lacks this, then sorry buddy, you are in danger!!

So, here are some translation tips for a global language, say Chinese to help you realize, how you can deliver the correct message through your translation:

1. Legal Parameters

You must be aware about the legal parameters before translating any text. Words like ‘best’ are prohibited for advertisements in china. Hence, while copywriting in Chinese or translating, make sure you keep tandem with this. As per a professional Chinese translation agency, translating for advertisements require a lot of market, cultural and legal knowledge. Hence, precision must be the key.

2. Keep Shorter Sentences

For the Chinese consumers, you must try to make the text more reader friendly. Hence, it is advisable to break the long sentences in the source text into shorter ones. This will help the readers to better understand the context.

3. Active Chinese Verbs

Instead of passive verbs, try to utilize the active verbs, as the Chinese consumers understand it more easily. Passive verbs may be confusing for them.

4. Trends in Language

You must be always aware about the current trends in the Chinese language. Due to the growth of Chinese market, new products keep introducing. Thus, to keep the branding fresh, it is necessary to maintain conformity to the changing phrases, words or slangs.

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5. Use Proverbs

Proper utilization of Chinese idioms and proverbs can considerably help in portraying the correct message for the target audience. It improves receptivity by the Chinese readers and potential consumers.

6. Use of Chinese Branding

Appropriate usage of Chinese brand names is another factor that can help you in conveying the correct message. Most of the global brands have a localized name that must be used while translating a text related to branding, as Chinese consumers sometimes might not remember the brand names in the non-native language.


To be recognized as highly qualified and talented Chinese linguist, you must consider all these points and tips seriously. If you will not be able to convey the correct meaning of the message, your clients will be dissatisfied and this dissatisfaction may bring a number of depressing situations for you. So, keep track of these points.

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