Dear America: Meet Bernie Sanders. Properly, this time.
Emil Mella

The president should never be creating laws — he or she should be enforcing those laws that are created by congress. I think the mistake too many Americans make is the belief that the President can and will create laws.

We do not want a king or dictator - ever. And while popular opinion is something that is good to understand, it is still just that: popular. It’s popular to eat sugary foods and people love sugary foods — but that does NOT mean that sugary foods are healthy for you. In the same manner, Americans are so fickle as a society that

All that aside, I appreciate Bernie Sanders. I believe we need more politicians with both his grit and humbleness. However, I do not feel he best represents my beliefs. And consequently, I’m still stuck with no-one to pick from.

While we can certainly pick a person because of his overall qualities, just like two people dating, you can decide that there are specific things that are deal breakers.

Your post is a rant against the system. I understand that. But do not believe that Bernie or any president can change the system. We have to change that through our voting process and how we allow taxes to be allocated or avoided. Congress and Senate have the power to create the laws. We should be holding all of them up to a standard.