Web development trends 2017: Shaping future of Digital World!!!

Trends are well-known changes that occur in all creative fields and website development is no different. Born of innovation and experimentation, trends always serve as the driving factor for change that pushes industry towards something better. Web is truly a unique environment that is constantly evolving and changing. It’s really crucial to keep pace with the current dynamics of web development to gain the enormous influx of digital-novices.

So, we are here with upcoming frameworks, evolving technologies and powerful development tools that are quite promising this year for web developers.

  • Say no to Shoddy Graphics and Stock Images

Stock imagery and generic photographs are not in this season therefore it’s better to avoid them. The most professional feature that Web Development Company can implement is using specialized and high grades photographs that convey a humanized and positive message. Getting high traffic from Google image is an added perk when the uploaded images are attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

  • PHP is definitely the way to go!

Given the immense popularity and ease of scripting offered by PHP, one can easily find a reliable PHP development company that can fulfill all your needs. Using PHP framework as an implementation tool for your website comes with immense advantage. It is completely dynamic and comes with extremely large number of libraries that offers great versatility and functionality.

  • Bespoke illustrations

Illustrations are fabulous, versatile medium for creating mind-blowing visuals that are playful, friendly and can add an element of fun to site. A web development company Noida can really help you in creating illustrations that are full of personality and are exclusively tailored to match the tone of brand. One can use it as large header images, beautiful animated visuals and custom iconography to roll out their entire identity.

  • Big, Bold, beautiful typography

Topography is also a powerful visual medium that creates personality, evoke and set tone. As device resolution become sharper and easy to read on-screen it eventually becomes more appealing for the users. Unique, beautiful and hand-rendered typography enriched dynamic text and image creates a huge impact.

  • Animations advance

As language and browsers are becoming more advance, every site owner wants to choose new ways in order to engage more number of users and stay unique in their communication approach. Animation will be a hot trend in the coming year. It comes in all sizes, shape and styles and can serve a variety of purposes. It can be great mechanism for brands who want to establish a micro-interaction with their users.
 Relevance of .net will be no less
 Advancement in technology led to the invention of important platforms and servers for successful development of websites. Microsoft’s.net web development framework will come up with more advance features and tools to provide a good bug-free and scalable solution of software.

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