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Staying up to date with the latest and greatest in development can be difficult. Sometimes you get to work one day and realize you’re using a legacy stack. Or you see some insane performance on a website and have no idea how you can achieve that. If you learn these simple habits you’ll always be making great things. As the web gets better you’ll be getting better with it.

GitHub Trending

The trending page of GitHub is an absolute gold mine. I’ve been browsing it daily for years. This page shows you what’s hot and who’s hot. It’s an incredible tool for finding new projects that could change your life. One of the greatest things about this page is a project needs to interest a good amount of people before it even shows up here! …

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Manage your coins and sync with exchanges on iOS and Android

It’s been a long time coming but Cosmo is here and it’s awesome! Previously known as Coindex, Cosmo has been on the app stores for a few months. After lot’s of hard work and great feedback from users in our telegram group, Cosmo is one of — if not the best — mobile cryptocurrency portfolio managers on the market. Let’s dig into why.

👉 Download iOS app here 🚀🌑 Download Android app here 👈

The Mission

With the average crypto investor having his coins spread across anywhere from 2–10 exchanges / wallets, things can get unorganized pretty quickly. To solve this issue the Crypto Portfolio Tracker was born! Whenever you make a trade just enter the details into your tracker and it will tell you your profits. Simple, easy and effective…unless you forget to enter a trade…or make some sort of error. …

Jason Werner

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