5 Interesting Places to Visit with Virtual Reality

Written by Hrvoje Prpic, Trillenium CEO — Via LinkedIN

Recently, I’ve written about how teleportation is the thing that will attract masses to use virtual reality. Why? The immersive experience from their homes will provide many opportunities that usually, due to many reasons, wouldn’t be accessible in their real lives.

People will be using virtual reality to go shopping, try out their dream vacation, be with their distant families for important events, or visit a NY exclusive apartment boutique. I also found some other, highly interesting places to visit with virtual reality. Some of them are real, others are fictional, but the experience is the same: mind-blowing!

Visit Dior’s backstage

Ever wanted to be at the backstage of one of the most glamorous fashion shows? Dior is using virtual reality to grant you that wish and let you experience their active and extravagant backstage happenings.

US National parks


Places like Grand Canyon, Zion or Joshua Tree can be viewed in virtual reality thanks to UK agency DigitalVR. Their US National Highlights project provides an immersive experience for all adventurous spirits and enthusiasts.

Nepal’s earthquake


Nepal Quake project provided an emotional experience with virtual reality technology. Viewers were able to immerse themselves in the aftermath of the recent Nepal earthquake, and take action to help people and the devastated environment.

And my favourite twos…

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has always been my favourite TV show. Of course, there are many other fans worldwide. I found the fan who created a real-time experience of visiting Jerry’s TV flat by using virtual reality. Love it!

I thought it would be a novel virtual reality experience to take a place that only exists in Hollywood magic, and make it for the Oculus Rift as if it were real.

South Park


South Park in virtual reality provided lots of fun for the fans. Last year, fans used Oculus Rift to virtually enter their favourite animated sitcom. Of course, reactions were amazing as meeting Eric, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Chef is not an ordinary thing. I think I would enjoy it too! :-)

Which would be your favourite fictional and non-fictional destination in virtual reality?

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