Who’s Seducing You With Immersive Offers? Travel & Retail Industries

Written by Hrvoje Prpic, Trillenium CEO

Travel and retail — both industries are glamorously entering virtual reality worlds!

VR at Cannes 2015!

I’ve read an article about the chief marketing officer of ADT Corp., Jerri DeVard, trying on Samsung Gear VR and taking a virtual tour of a trendy store in New York’s SoHo. At the time, she was in her Cannes apartment, and VR headset enabled her to be in NY in just a few minutes. Yes, it has finally come to that!

So, why should you keep your eyes on the upcoming (and ongoing!) immersive and emotional experience with virtual reality? DeVard put it nicely:

This kind of technology allows you to bring the consumer into the experience. When I can see it and feel it, it helps you sell.

But that’s not all about virtual reality from this year’s Cannes festival! SapientNitro, a global marketing agency, provided a unique VR experience from their penthouse (directly across Palais des Festivals). They transported visitors to NY City’s exclusive Apartment boutique and showed how VR is about to transform retail — just like Trillenium is!

Look before you book!

Brands in the travel industry are exploring virtual reality, too. Why? Because this is just the right thing to help them sell more — with a help of a real-time experience they will offer to their customers. Bloomberg’s writer, Jennifer Parker, recently wrote an interesting article in which she pointed out how companies like Marriott, Thomas Cook and Qantas Airways are already experimenting with virtual reality.

These travel companies will soon be able to deliver virtual experiences to their customers’ homes, creating the kind of a try before you buy (or as Thomas Cook says: “Look before you book”) introduction of an offer that will tremendously help them increase sales and marketing objectives.

Thomas Cook has already let customers try the virtual reality experiences at stores in the UK, Belgium and Germany. The agency produced a mix of real-time experience videos, such as a helicopter flight across Manhattan, as well as accommodation videos, such as hotels in Greece for which they appointed aVisualise VR specialist to capture 360 videos.

Yes, virtual reality is seductive, flirtatious and captivating — that’s exactly how industries, such as travel and retail, will bring it to you. And we all going to love it!

The possibilities are endless — from trying on new clothes before buying it, to testing your summer vacations before booking it. Yes, it will make us all more picky, but hey — brands know it, and it seems like they’re already a step ahead of that problem. :-)

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