Community AMA with Trinity Founder David Li – 07/06/2019

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Following on from David’s interview with NNT in May 2019, David took further questions from the community on a range of topics such as development progress, upcoming work and the state of the cryptocurrency market.

1. My question for David in case I am not around when he is in. From his perspective, is winter over? When will TNC kick start the marketing / warm up partnership with current partner or reaching out to explorer new partnership with other project like O3 Network or etc….

Winter is over. But very likely major marketing campaign wont launch until we see Neo 3.0 fully launched and taking traction. The market sentiment does not allow for any speculation at this moment at all.

2. Does TNC have any plan to be listed on new exchange in near future (Q3 or Q4 2019). As of now, US guys cannot trade TNC via Gate Exchange due to limitation.

Possibly. Gate is a good exchange, and there are many ways to use it. Maybe start learning how to use VPNs as the regulatory climate on the US is getting bad.

3. We see rapid move from other Layer 2 project like Matic, Celer in last few months. In the other hand, TNC keep calm and quiet. Do TNC have any signification plan or action to gain attraction or explore more partner in Q3 and Q4 this year ? We are worried about the partnership between TNC and Decentraland as well.

On marketing side, maybe. But if it’s worth noting we didnt stop movements on Github for a sec. With the improving codes and bug fixes we believe Trinity will grow into a usable network rather than some fantasy under research. To be honest I think intensive marketing for layer 2 product in particular is just wrong at this moment.

As of partnerships, all I can say is, the old community/traffic sharing model is not worth it. In this coming new cycle things will change and to say the least, partners.

4. Is there an official partnership between NEO and Trinity to use Trinity scaling? If so, why hasn’t NEO announced this?

No there is no official partnership. Neo will stay open and fair to all ecosystem players. Announcing partnerships on layer 2 is different from those on application layer. Maybe they fear this kind of partnership will give a false sense of exclusivity and then the whole layer 2 strategy become depent on us. But we maintain good relations and sync our views and dev progress, and if anything change in the future we would be able to catch up, i.e. their policy on this one.

5. Who do you think Trinity’s main competitors are? Do you think Trinity will be in a position to compete with them?

Unless there is a new comer implementing state channel network on Neo, I dont see one.

6. Are you still confident about the future of Trinity? What do you think the chances are of the project failing?

I’m always confident even in the darkest hours. But between market cycles and years and years our best strategy for now is pure survival. Thriving is easy in a bull run, as long as you can make it there.

7. Will there be a lot of development work required to modify Trinity to work with NEO 3. Will a complete rewrite be required or will it more be modifying some existing modules etc.

Yes, lots of work. we still have to wait and see how much 3.0 changes and adapt to it. But this workload is within our expectation.

8. Is Trinity still investigating working on a trading engine / DEX?

Yes, nothing much to talk about yet.

9. I know a bit if coding but I’m not a programmer by any means. Im interested in looking into Dapp development. Where would you suggest the starting point for programming using Trinity, e.g. programming language, what tools to learn?

Start looking into dapp dev, 1st step is to think about how the dapp look like and see which bottom layer platform could suffice the needs in tech and community. After making that decision (if chosen Neo), you start looking at Trinity to see how to integrate it to compensate for your performance requirements. You are not asking how to code, right?

10. Since the open letter in Oct 19 we have not seen some of the things come to light, how the planning with NNS/NEL went and what the new roadmap looks like. The Decentraland/Etheremon has gone quiet and now only focus on one platform. We’ve not had an indication that the development plan is twice as long as contents is this still true?

Q10, Q11&Q12: Some of my comments are above about partnerships. Extending the length of dev is due to a) Neo 3.0 upgrade and b) we want more refined product and c) catch up when the new cycle hits. If you dont know the focus, the game of the next cycle, make major decisions now is just premature and wont produce anything.

11. Also, question for David, since I might not be here. I heard a rumor some big investor in NEO is not happy how NEO team is performing, maybe David knows something about it, but its only a rumour.

Yes I heard about this kind of rumor. Neo team is quite strong and united and long-term thinking. I’m not worried about their performance. I think it’s just some ppl drving themselves unreasonable by keeping thinking about the past day fairytale of a 1000–2000 x return. Neo is and always will be the flagship of Chinese blockchain industry, to say the least.

12. Also would like to hear his thoughts on the binanace chain. Seems to be gaining traction with projects switching over from other platforms.

I don’t know about binance chain, especially rumor being it running on cosmos, which is not live yet. If I can accept the whole binance package, I’d be more happy to embrace Facebook package, or whichever centralized boss product. That’s how I am, and this pure and basic anti-centralization sentiment actually guided me thru the years and prevented tragedies of misjudgements.

13. Question for David, I would like him to update on crypto market in general, was the low in or are we still going lower on bitcoin, just want his opinion.

Bitcoin will go up in value rather quickly this yr and possibly reach its previous ATH end of this yr. Note the difference is that that ATH was at the climax of the bubble of 17, but a mere starting point in this cycle. Sadly we havent seen any real game changer that will bring back us the entire industry. We are aware of a few options on the table though. I cannot discuss this too much at this moment as it’s clearly a billion dollar question…

14. Number one question should revolve around the following: in the interim as neo 3.0 is developing and hopefully implementing TNC state channels as official scaling solution what will the company be doing as other development from both business and tech. Alot of hopium around neo 3.0 and we still have no clue if TNC is even official implementation or just a solution. Seems odd that we have no idea if there are other plans or use cases for the team to pursue.

Q14&Q15: My prediction is that there will be many scaling solutions and networks on Neo in the future. As the most long-standing one Trinity enjoys its own credibility and time-tested and refined tech. But we will be more than happy to have late comers to use our codes. For the real question ppl are concerned with, think carefully about last bull: it’s never about competition, but the general sentiment. So in other words if we as an industry dont find the new game, none of your alts would be joining bitcoin in the new cycle. We’ve seen lots of alts die in 15' and 16' coz of the returing Bitcoin pulling all liquidity out. A hybernation in marketing could see us thru this chaotic process and revive in a more positive environment. I personally made the promise to keep working on Trinity for many yrs to come, rather than leaving like someone else already doing. This is the best answer for Qs like Hows and Whens at this moment.

15. I think the general question I want to ask David is “what’s going on with trinity”. Why is it so quiet. Where is the marketing. Where is the visibility? At one point he suggested he wanted to make the tnc holders money.

See answer to question 14.

Other than taking above Qs. something else to share. From last bull we’ve seen the industry tring to survive and came up with directions like STO, Dex, stable coin, PoS mining, Dapps, IEO and now crosschain and DeFi. All of them are parts of future economy but none of these will be big enough like the ICO market. What we really need is something that has a low onboarding threshold, open to all, financially lucrative, and most importantly summons the power of decentralization and automation to help reduce the negative impacts of human greed. From centralized database Alts in 14/15 to ICO on ethereum you can see this trend. My prediction for the real game is that it incorporates tech from DAI, DAOs and prediction markets and business practices from IEOs and ICOs. A precise prediction is impossible and clearly worth billions. But we will get there. However as of the rest of this year, I personally favor Anon coins over public chain projects and new eco projects (cosmos, polkadot, ipfs). The Grey Rhino coming at us is cleary a Reg event size of the Sept.4th ban of 17' (look it at if u dont know). Regulators wont tolerate crypto being a slap in their face in this yr’s economy. Although I personally consider operational security measure more important in protecting your crypto assets compared to the onchain security (like ring sig, zkp, mimblewimble, etc), the public sentiment will drive their values up.

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