Why I am who I am.

Before I begin this expose in which I do not even know where it might lead; I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Ogunnusi Oluwadara. I am African from Nigeria precisely. This threadbare info is necessary because it’s the fons et origio of all I am and might become.

I come from a place where you are celebrated as different only when you follow tradition in a new plate.

A place where you can’t define success by your own passion and aspirations alone but also by the expectations and failed aspirations of your predecessors. It is a legacy kind of thing; defiance unallowed.

Ask me who I am?

I am different,

The voice of rebellion in a respectful cloak.

I am African; a traditionalist with a liberal spirit.

I am divergent! Bold enough to speak yet sober enough to keep quiet.

Don’t pity me my dears,

I am the face of new Africa.

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