Trinity Monthly Report — Late November

Development Progress

Nov 17th — Nov 30th


1. Release v0.3.0, adding the RSMC and HTLC transaction countersignature solution. In reality, there are some uncertainties that cannot be avoided like network anomalies and interruptions, which will lead to information losses. Trinity countersignature solution addresses such inevitable where one party of a channel detects the incompleteness of the data before proceeding with the next transaction and initiates a countersignature request to the other party of the channel. After both parties reaches the consistency on their data, the new transaction is completed. Trinity countersignature solution can avoid the network quality complexity impact on channel data consistency and ensure the stability of channel transactions.

2. Regression testing of the new version, ensuring that the introduction of a countersignature solution is fully compatible with existing features.

3. Stress testing of the new version ; 5*24-hours continuous channel trading (support both RSMC and HTLC transactions) and channel stability monitoring.

The result of new version’s stress testing


1. Release v0.2.11, optimizing the on-chain information monitoring process, reducing resource consumption and improving the program’s the parallel processing efficiency by Coroutine,;

2. Release the SPV version on Google play; it supports NEO/ ETH asset channel trading, optimizes information processing, and improves the speed and portability of front-end interactive operations.

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Trinity’s oversea community members voluntarily produced github visualization of the Trinity protocol updates. All the code updates on the Trinity Protocol, since it founding until now, are presented in video. The continuous development of Trinity Protocol is not only the ceaseless exploration of Layer2, but also the unremitting pursuit of a mature state channel technology and universal off-chain scaling solution. With the iteration of the Ehtereum and NEO with wider audience and the introduction of more user-friendly UI in dApps, the Trinity network is expected to grow even steadily. Thank you all for your trust in Trinity and our team.

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