Journey to Life Program, Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. Young Adult Program

The young adult program is for women ages 18–26 that are struggling in their transition into adult hood. The typical girls that benefit from our program have major social skills and life skills deficits, low self-esteem, are low functioning, sexual promiscuous, dabbling in drugs and alcohol. They usually have not graduated from high school, cannot hold down a job, and have multiple relationship problems with family, peers, superiors and law enforcement. It is important to note that we are not a rehab program for severe addictions or alcoholism. Again many of the girls are disrupted in their development due to some trauma that has hindered their ability to develop emotional and intellectually. We help these girls in all the same ways as we do in the teen program, using the same program model and philosophy. The only difference is that these girls learn to manage money, and manage their own living expenses, learning how to live within a budget. They also work as a team and develop meals and manage their own living environments. It is similar to living with college roommates except they are supervised 24/7 by qualified staff members.

The Young Adult Program is situated in a house on 60 acres in the rural area of Clark, Wyoming. The view from our front windows displays the magnificent Bear Tooth Mountains. We are located 5 miles from the Teen Ranch, Trinity Teen Solutions. The young women from the Journey to Life Program frequent the Teen program to help out with various tasks on the ranch such as irrigation, hay runs, and horseback riding.

The Young Adult Program emphasizes life skills. One of the ways the young women build life skills is through the work program and budget system. In the “work program” the girls spend about 4 hours a day, on weekdays, working on various projects. The projects vary depending on what needs to be done around the house. Some of the projects the young woman have accomplished are: building a garden fence, constructing bunk beds from logs they harvested in the mountains, dry walling, mudding, taping, and painting the new dry walls, etc. The young women clock in and clock out for their work projects and each week they get a “paycheck” with which they use to budget for food, cleaning supplies and other items that they need during their stay at the Journey to Life Program.

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