Apple Promotes Air Freight

Trinity Logistics | Apple Inc. and Air Freight

Did you know that Apple ships exclusively through air freight? Apple promotes air freight for many reasons. It’s fast, efficient, and cheaper when you play your logistics cards right. The widely popular tech company, Apple, Inc. has their shipment process planned in the best way possible through air freight. So let’s take a look at how Apple became a firm supporter of the air cargo industry.
 Have you ever wondered how Apple products are manufactured and then shipped to stores? The operations department at Apple meticulously oversees the shipment of Apple products to several countries simultaneously for new releases.

After the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump pointed fingers at Apple for not manufacturing in the United States. Although Apple is not a company to back down from a fight, they may have found a way to please everyone involved. 
 Through manufacturing overseas, shipping their products globally and already providing roughly 2 million jobs in the United States (not including the manufacturing jobs in other countries), Apple is making a $1 billion investment to add manufacturing in the united states. Due to the advanced demand for Apple products all over the world, there’s no questions that this investment would take Apple out of the air freight industry. As an exclusive air freight shipper, Apple’s air cargo involvement can only grow from here.

Air Freight is Efficient

As the logistics industry expands and advances, the demand for efficient shipping will simultaneously follow in growth. Air freight is the fastest shipping method for cargo, and Apple takes full advantage of this. One major reason Apple ships exclusively via air freight is because it’s extremely efficient. 
 There are significantly more airports with cargo hubs than there are sea ports, simply because land is more vast than the coastal ports. Apple can transport their products faster, taking up both less time and less milage in the process. As Apple distributes their products globally, it’s easier to reach the product’s destination through air freight.

Air Freight is Cheaper for Apple

Many would argue that shipping via sea transport is cheaper, even though it’s a slower shipment process. However, in Apple’s case, shipping through air freight is cheaper. With fast flights and intense airport security, the products are safe from the possibility of shipping and less likely to be hijacked. Cargo ships can take up to nearly 30 days or more to transport goods. Airports transport goods in a matter of hours to a day. With this efficiency, Apple has the capability to sell more products in a faster amount of time, thus making more money. Their profit margins are significantly greater through air freight than they would be through ocean freight.

With that being said, this only portrays how Apple is a leading technology company in the logistics industry, through their strategic business choice to ship via air freight. That’s what makes Apple a large promoter of the air freight industry.

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