The Benefits of Shipping Via Air Freight

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Thanks to air freight, the logistics industry as well as corporate companies are able to get their shipments when they need them. Although there are benefits to the ocean freight transportation, air freight should be every company’s number one choice.

It’s Faster

In a matter of hours to a few days, air freight makes it possible to transport goods and delivery them as well. Unlike the air freight’s efficiency, sea transportation can take up to 30 days or more. The speed of air freight is an incredible factor when considering shipment options.

With the fast shipment capability, companies are able to reach a higher demand. The more products a company is able to deliver, the higher their quotas are. Air freight gives companies abundant opportunity for growth. As air freight volumes expand, so can the profit margins of companies.

Tracking Availability

Due to the ability to track air freight shipping from cargo hub to cargo hub until it reaches the destination, air freight is a much more reliable source. Consumers have a high demand for shipping, and want to know where their packages are at all times. In the same manner, companies are able to track their cargo as it transports. It’s much easier to track a cargo plane than it is to track a ship.

More Cargo Hubs & Airports

It’s a known fact that land covers more area than the coast does. Because of this, there are a significant amount of more airports than there are seaports. This is a great advantage of the air freight industry in a few ways. With more airports, logistics are able to get closer to the destination than they would if transported through a sea port.

It Can Be Cheaper

Depending on what your shipping and how much, air freight can actually save you money. Apple, for example, ships their products exclusively through air freight for this exact reason.

There’s no doubt that air freight is the most efficient way to transport cargo. As the technology world, the consumer world, and the logistics world all expand with the advancement of time, air freight will continue it’s growth as well.