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Hello Joe,

Thanks for your unacceptable review about our product.

But before posting a review about a product you can clarify your doubts with us, because the developer of the entire product knows much more than one who just view it. Every development team has their own coding style, we are using PHP-5.6 and this version itself released only on 2014 and We wont think that the gap between 2014 and starting of 2017 is 10 years as you said??

We are using the PHP — 5.6 only because of the encryption method provided by the ionCube which is not available in latest PHP versions. For your kind knowledge we have a free trial version, once the user satisfied with our demo package and they buy our product based on their interest only.We think that, Airbnb clone is mostly used by the business man and they surely knows the investment value of $499 and further charges are based on the changes the client want to have in their website. Trioangle Technologies always cares the customer satisfaction than the money as you said in your post.

For your kind information we have well defined technical team for supporting our client and we hope we will give full security and quality product. And if you have any clarification kindly contact us because, a better discussion can clarify all your doubts.

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