An ICO to make international roaming obsolete

Technology, hand in hand with travel has made borders nothing but chalk markings on the land but still there are many technological challenges faced by an average person visiting abroad. One of them is remaining connected via internet which is more of a necessity than a luxury today. And it’s not a necessity of a privileged few, but all. Be it be high-tech business transactions, or simple sharing of a picture over social media, each and every one of us has a need to be connected. We rely on these internet connected devices to connect with our friends and family, to keep in touch with our work, to navigate and find our way, to look up places of interest and do many more things. Till date, the people who did take a risk to use their internet services while travelling abroad have been hit by huge gut wrenching bills due to data roaming, but not anymore as TripAlly bring a comprehensive solution to this.

To shorten the gap between the status quo and an ideal world without borders, TripAlly has stepped into the market, aiming to make international trips more convenient, delightful and hassle free when it comes to your internet access, currency availability, transportation and attraction tickets. Not only it is providing an all in one access to a number of services to its customers, it does that in a much more pocket friendly way.

TripAlly is a one stop platform providing a multitude of services. Providing economical internet service packages to international travelers without changing their sim cards is one of the chief services provided by it. Thus, while you stick to your home number, you can still enjoy the luxury of staying connected to your loved ones while experiencing seamless fast and cheap internet services.

Talking about how the whole system would function Aleksey Gordienko, the CEO of TripAlly says, “TripAlly partnering with international and domestic Mobile Operators to provide internet services, the entire explanation of how TripAlly works with Mobile Operators is in our Whitepaper.”

“There were 1.2 billion travelers around the world in 2016 and that number is constantly increasing, at TripAlly we believe that everyone who travels should have access to cheap and unlimited mobile Internet. Travelers should not have to worry about staying connected with their loved ones whilst they travel, and they should be able to share their travel experience instantly. It will make the travel industry better and contribute to the freedom for the traveler!” Aleksey added while pointing to the

One can pre-purchase a suitable plan for their expected internet usage and use the internet service right at touchdown of their flights. For those who are data hungry, TripAlly also offers unlimited data plans. So goodbye to those devil disguised bills and hello to convenience.

It’ll also offer easy currency exchange ATMs where a single scan of a QR code will dispense the pre-purchased local currency. This will definitely eliminate the need to carry your home currency in the foreign country and wait to exchange your currency. This also removes the need of carrying one’s debit/credit cards and the fear of its loss during travel.

On the go ride amenities for easy transportation will also be provided, relieving the stress of lack of transportation at your arrival. Having tie ups with local cab services like Uber, TripAlly will let you book a ride for you in an instant and that too in affordable prices.

A listing of local hotspots and must-visit places will be available for all its customers thus making customer well aware of the star spots of the city in addition to one touch ticket booking options for ease and comfort.

5-Year Plan:

It is expecting to launch its services in 2018 in 5 travel intensive ASEAN countries, which are: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar & Lao PDR that together boast of a whopping 81 million of international tourist arrival. A functional web-portal, mobile applications for Android and IOS with secure payment gateways is predicted by Q2 of 2018. By Q3-Q4 2018, launch of TripAlly Exchange, TripAlly Ride, TripAlly Tickets (beta versions) will be launched. Q3 of 2019 will mark the inception of the buyback program for AllyCoin. In a span of 5–6 years, TripAlly’s solution will be implemented in countries designated as Top-100 Travel Destination Countries.

ICO TripAlly launched its initial coin offering (ICO) on from 15th October, 2017 till 30th November, 2017. TripAlly would be selling one hundred million AllyTokens, which is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain to raise funds. The price per token has been set at 0.003 ETH after a 40% discount on the initial price of 0.005 ETH per token. The crowdsale will help Ally build and launch their platform. Investors who come to the crowdsale early can benefit from the discounts on coins. Ally token will be listed on at least six major exchanges within one month of ICO date to allow for free market circulation.

“The main benefit for investors purchasing ALLY token is imminent financial gain after the ICO and, once the TripAlly Internet services becomes available in Asia the price of 1 ALLY token will be no less than $3 USD. 1 ALLY token is equivalent of one day of mobile internet on TripAlly’s platform. For those who doesn’t have ALLY coins, price will be set at $3 per day of mobile internet. At the pre-ICO stage we sell ALLY tokens with deep discount, which results in price per token between $0.50 and $0.60 cents. This structure guarantees an exceptional ROI for the purchasers of ALLY tokens. Second important point that every purchaser of ALLY token becomes our promoter (in terms of marketing) and distributor; we don’t prohibit the transfer/resell of ALLY tokens within TripAlly platform, besides cryptocurrency exchanges.” Aleksey revealed while claiming the ROI to be as high as 400%.

The way we travel is ever changing. A traveler’s concierge is what TripAlly sees itself as in the next 5 years and hopefully so with the services promised, it won’t be long before it becomes reality. Pushing towards a world without technological borders, TripAlly is first of its kind targeting to revolutionize their customer’s experience. The only question that remains now is, do we want to revolutionize or stick to the orthodox practices?

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