The World’s First Global Connectivity Platform ICO is about to begin

Jet Mahanakorn, Thailand

Accessing Internet via your own SIM card while traveling abroad is not cheap. Roaming burns your balance at light speed. Here is one example. Recently, my friend traveled to Germany, and he shared his experience with me. He really enjoyed the trip, except one issue. He and his wife rented a car to explore the city. And, as it often happens in foreign country, he got lost. There was nobody to ask for directions, and my friends’ English and German was bad anyway. My friend didn't want to waste time and effort for searching for a free Wi-Fi hot spot.

So he decided to connect to mobile Internet from his phone (while roaming) and use navigation map. He downloaded map and rechecked the route. They got to the destination without any problems after all. However once they got home they received the bill from his mobile operator. Those few minutes of using Internet to re-check the route cost them 90 USD. No matter how pleasant was the trip, that one thing — roaming bill, has left them with a very unpleasant after-taste.

Why am I telling you that? Because, many people at some point of their life find themselves in situations like that, some of us even more often than others (like the author). There are situation in life when Wi-Fi is simply not available in an instant, for example when you stuck in the middle of the road. The option to purchase local SIM-card could be, in many cases, problematic. There are often problems with language barrier or finding a place to top-up your account.

Once and for all, TripAlly is solving the problem of staying connected abroad. This start-up is preparing for the crowd funding campaign (ICO), which starts on September 17th (more information available at, but we already can see his disruptive and revolutionary potential. What is the most unique feature of TripAlly? The company’s team promises unlimited, cheap access to the Internet while you travel abroad, without the need to change a SIM-Card! All the services that attached to your original phone number and SIM-card (such as banking, credit cards, messengers, e-mail verification) are going to work without any disruption.

TripAlly is compatible with all the mobile devices weather its tablet or smartphones and users have the opportunity use their device same as they do at home. The sign-up process is simple and painless, it takes only four easy steps to get your access to the Internet after you install the App: 1) Log in, 2) Pick a Country, 3) Choose your Dates, 4) Pick your Internet Package — and it’s done. After that, you can freely use your mobile device same way as you do it in your home country.

The idea of TripAlly seems more than attractive, considering there were 1.2 billion travelers in 2016 around the world. TripAlly`s team chose first to implement its service in Southeast Asia, and then expand the project to the global scale. The decision is obvious, since Southeast Asia is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. TripAlly`s executives promise to launch mobile Internet services in 2018 across: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and rapidly expand to other Southeast Asia countries within a couple of years. Eventually, cheap and reliable mobile Internet will be available for travelers around the world!

Someone might say that the idea of TripAlly is very ambitious, however such companies as UBER and AirBnB always had skeptical opinions throwed at them in the beginning. At the end, those companies have become the leaders in their industry, in rapidly became the part of our everyday life. We hope that TripAlly will repeat the successful path of those companies, by setting a new standard in mobile Internet technology for travelers.

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