All the data that we have shows that he is right about this. Diverse teams do better- that includes race and gender. Investors need to put their money in teams that will do better.
The“Women in Tech” movement is full of victim blaming bullshit
Sarah Nadav

But is it even the VC strategy to avoid losses by investing in companies that just “do better”, be they with diverse teams or not?

My understanding is that the strategy — at least for the funds that actually make money — is to invest in startups with the potential to yield >10x returns. The 5% of the portfolio that actually hit those >10x returns, will end up generating around 60% of total returns. The epic startup-bro crash and burns are the cost of doing business — just like Babe Ruth had the most home runs AND the most strike-outs.

So it begs the question: are startups led by women and diverse teams that are not getting funded pitching ideas that are capable hitting those >10x returns? Could that instead of — or perhaps in addition to sexism — explain why they are not being funded?

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