Solving a problem in global travel.

An emergency doctor visit abroad is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. The Centre for Disease for Disease Control and Prevention says that the chance of getting sick, injured or worse while travelling outside of his/her home country is about 15–45%; and is higher for those travelling to developing countries.

A visit to a foreign doctor or hospital is likely to be a trip-ruining experience. Our goal at TripMD is help you, a traveller or expatriate, make the best of your situation by introducing you to our trusted, English-speaking network of medical professionals.

I spent the majority of my youth in Greater China, and made trips to clinics around Taipei and Shanghai to get checked up and stitched up. Fortunately, my parents had an established and trusted network of doctors where we could expect high-quality treatment standards. Unfortunately, many travellers and expats do not have this knowledge. And even the credit card and insurance companies that purport to have this knowledge can only refer you to large hospitals where you can get lost in the system.

We are building TripMD to share our knowledge with our friends and their friends who have struggled to receive high quality healthcare away from home.

We at TripMD believe that you should feel assured when it comes to healthcare, no matter where you are in the world.

Written by Matthew Beck, Co-founder.

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