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Product features: initial survey

To all our supporters:

Thank you for your responses to the surveys we sent out, your opinions are valuable in shaping the way TripStitch is going to turn out. Guess what, more than 90% of respondents actually filled out the open-ended, optional section! Kudos to y'all!

Anyway, based on your responses: the top 5 features that were most wanted are:

1) Offline maps for navigation
2) Booking of accommodation/transportation/tickets
3) Real-time updates impacting itinerary
4) Itinerary generation
5) Travel-related advice

Of course, we do have various apps and websites, which do some of these mentioned features. But Tripstitch is going to take it a notch higher. We will leverage current options to provide those features, AND have novel features such as itinerary generation. What’s more, with crowd-sourcing and intelligent algorithms, Tripstitch will be able to tell you if that particular museum you planned for today is closed without notice!

Lastly, we have all been faced with that embarrassing moment where you do something considered taboo in another country. So travel-related advice such as visa requirements, culture tips and tourist advice will all be included to make your trip perfect!

Do you agree with the top 5 features? Do you have a feature that you really really want? Let us know by commenting below, or posting on our Facebook page!

Happy travels,

Team TripStitch

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