I am a Surgeon

I am a Surgeon.

I invest hours, day’s months and years into serving you.

I have paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

My family suffers. I never see my kids grow up. I often work 24hrs and never see them go to bed.

I have been spat at. I have been verbally abused, but still I strive to stop the pain you are suffering.

I am the deliverer of good news. I am also the deliverer of bad news. I tell young mothers that they have months to live in front of her children.

I think of my own children. How would I cope?

I am in awe of my patients who accept death. My heart tears for those that cannot.

Sometimes I wish I could take the cancer away. I often take it home and curl up and cry and ask the world why?!

I have cried 1000 tears in the dark. I don’t want people to share my pain.

I enjoy the press of the scalpel against the skin and using it to ‘do good’. Removing ‘the enemy’ feels like a small victory sometimes.

I am rarely congratulated, but go about my work without fuss.

Sometimes I am told that I am terrible at my job by my peers. I take this criticism and know it is to be used for good.

I learn about the patients, myself and my limitations every day.

When I take off my scrubs after an 18 hour day I go home to become human again.

The alarm clock goes off way too soon.

Why do I do it?

It’s my service to you.

When you see me next, know that I am human, but;

I am also a Surgeon

Insights provided by a General Surgeon

Written by Ryan Burnett