Naturally an animal, Naturally I am

Slowly dragging my tongue across your skin

As we sin

Watch my grin grow larger

For I know my meal is here

You will feel my claws

And you will feel my bite

Your body will quiver as you tremble with fright

Unable to anticipate

While you contemplate this fear

Your body shakes when you hear


like a LION

I’m a beast, in this jungle

You’re my feast, on this night

You’ve become my prey

I've focused my site

Like a lion you make me feel

Its so real as you squeal

While I’m eating your flesh

Our juices will mesh


Like a feather

You’ll fall limp into my arms

After your body tenses

And you've lost all senses

Your life ignites in a final climax

You've become weak

Your energy has passed

My meal is now over

It is now time to rest

My body shall sleep until the next

Time my hunger rises like the beast that I am

Naturally an animal

Naturally I am

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