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On signaling behavior, moving the defaults and taking big swings

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Now is the time to decide if your brand is a habit or a ritual

If we can’t see it in our culture, we can’t know it in the market.

When markets for premium toilet paper and convenience store wine start to prove themselves, a brand reckoning isn’t far behind.

The Smithsonian shows that our collective scrambling to define the canon is, in fact, a rebellious act. Alrosa begs the question of ownership. Outdoor Voices pulls a Mariah Carey.

This is what the business of identity looks like.

  • Let’s make this worth our while.
  • I’ve invested a lot of time in this project.
  • Thank you for your time.
  • Don’t forget to save time for the Q&A.
  • Use your time wisely.

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3 Ways To Redefine Your Business Through Branding

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon.

If your users carry a shame story with them, you need a very different kind of strategy.

It’s the most important destination for your brand and users. This is how to get there.

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The only rules worth following are the ones you write yourself.

Jasmine Bina

Brand Strategist, speaker, writer, traveler, CEO of Concept Bureau. Finder of patterns & connections. | Twitter/ Instagram: @triplejas

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