How To Be Different, Not Better

‘Better’ will always be a losing game for your brand.

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Your brand is a belief. Belief is the new benefit.

What It Means To Shift Your Paradigm

A shifted perspective allows you to uncouple from all of the rules that put your competitor in the spotlight.

4 Ways To Own “Different”

1. Create a new category everyone else is blind to.

WelleCo’s ‘beauty from within’ positioning.

Consumers are increasingly finding value in the connection between spaces.

2. Move from utility to lifestyle.

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The answer to an aspirational model is lifestyle branding.

3. Change the focus.

4. Change the reality.

Wellnicity, uBiome and Thryve branding all focus on the wellness connection.
Viome messaging.
Viome intro video.

The Other Half Of The Equation

The next step in branding.

Brand Strategist, speaker, writer, traveler, CEO of Concept Bureau. Finder of patterns & connections. | Twitter/ Instagram: @triplejas

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