In the Transformational Economy, ‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’ Have Started To Merge

The old brand model started at customer personas. The new model now begins at user evolution.

Your user today is constantly growing into someone new, in every moment of every day.

Photo by Les Anderson.

The Step Ladder That Turned Into A Treadmill

The consumer is now the brand.

Transformation is the new baseline.

Transformation, ultimately, comes from within. So does the authority to dictate the terms of that transformation.

The step ladder is easy to brand for. The treadmill requires more dexterity.

Rent The Runway users. Garvin and Co.

The User Evolution

Instead of a snapshot of a person, we need to understand their constant evolution.

When you understand the mentality, you understand where the user evolution needs to go.

The next step in branding.

Brand Strategist, speaker, writer, traveler, CEO of Concept Bureau. Finder of patterns & connections. | Twitter/ Instagram: @triplejas

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