Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Ahhhhhh, Monday.

On Friday I had a half day and spent it laying around being hungry as I was fasting for a powerlifting meet. Then my BF and I went to a beer and cheese tasting at Buzzards Bay Brewery. He tasted, I admired the scenery and cursed my body for being in between weight classes. I bought $25 worth of local beer and wine to enjoy post-weigh-in.

Saturday, I weighed in. I was 3 lbs over so I ended up having to go up a weight class after all that. From there we went to brunch and he paid. It was the most delicious brunch of all time. I got my hair cut after that since my stylist had an unexpected opening, $40 including tip. Then I took the BF to lunch to keep the refueling/gluttony going, $40. We went to a free craft beer tasting after that, which I was able to partake in. We beached ourselves like whales on the couch after that.

Yesterday I had my powerlifting meet! I won my weight class with a 265 lb deadlift (failed my 280 lb attempt) and a 135 bench press at 117 lbs body weight. I also won best female lifter out of the entire meet, which was very unexpected. :D On our way home, we hit up a couple estate sales and nabbed some awesome vintage clothes, $5.

Total: $110

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