Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Boooo Monday!

Friday I spent $60 at the grocery store, but the BF reimbursed me for $40 (how do most cohabitating couples do groceries? I do all the shopping and cooking). We spent the night in after our plans got rained out.

Saturday I had an hour-long massage, which was $77 with tip. Then I took my dog to the low-cost clinic for her annual shots. Ended up being $150 after the shots, 6 months’ worth of Heartguard, a nail trim, and a treat and a toy for the good girl. I also got gas, $25.

Sunday, I went to the gym and the BF and I went to Newport for dinner and drinks. I had a gift card, so all I spent was $5 for ice cream on the way home.

Total: $277

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