Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Hi friends! Thank you all so much for the #solidarity on Friday in regards to my breakup. Luckily, I had an army of friends that were there for me this weekend.

Friday I went to the gym with a friend, then had cocktails on my deck with a friend, then went to dinner with ANOTHER friend ($20), then went for drinks with the gym friend. I picked up one round, which was $10.

Saturday I golfed 9 holes with a friend ($22), then rode my horse. Then another friend came by for beers on my deck. Then I did dinner and drinks with my bestie, who paid. We went for more drinks afterwards, and some guys at the bar insisted on paying our whole tab including our nachos (what a life!).

Yesterday I went to the gym, then my dad came over and helped me fix my lawn mower, and took me to dinner.

Basically I’m exhausted and really appreciative of the army of great people in my life.

Total: $52 (how is that even possible for all I did)

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