Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I spent way more than I meant to!

Friday night my BF and I just stayed in.

On Saturday, we went to Good Will where I spent $11 on a Halloween costume and 2 dresses (all designer stuff, wearing one of the dresses at work as we speak!). Then we went to Ocean State Job Lot which is an amazing local discount store. I spent $60 on curtains and various other household items to spruce up my now spare room after one of my roommates moved out. My plan is to rent it on airBNB instead of having roommates (anyone ever done this?)

I then spent $15 on groceries. We went out that night and won third place at our local bar’s costume contest — the prize was a $100 gift card, so our $40 tab was covered and we can go back another time or two with the remainder!

Yesterday I had a work event, and then spent $23 at CVS on Halloween candy and a few other things.

Total: $109

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