Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I’m so fired up today. It has been A WEEK!

Can I just complain for a few? My coworker just said that the GOP Healthcare bill doesn’t matter because it won’t affect us. COOL ATTITUDE! And maybe that attitude is the reason why this is happening in the first place! And also, um, yes it will affect us. ALSO my roommate’s boyfriend is visiting, and I had to listen to them having sex all night last night, and they’re out of toilet paper in their bathroom apparently so they’ve been using the downstairs bathroom (which I had stocked with TP) instead of…buying TP. And the boyfriend just sits at my house all day while she’s at work? And her dog bit my dog earlier in the week and she didn’t seem to care, so basically I just want to kick her out now, is that reasonable…?

Anyway, tonight I just want to stay in and bake Swedish cinnamon rolls (ingredients already bought) for our friend’s moving-to-Sweden-party tomorrow. My BF wants to go do something for Cinco de Mayo, though, and I don’t really feel like it.

Tomorrow I need to pick up some mulch, $10 or so, and I GUESS I need to pick up toilet paper? $20? Then we are going to the going away party in CT.

On Sunday, I should grocery shop, $30.

Total: somewhere in the range of $60–$100