Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Oh, Monday. This week is already looking like it’s going to be rough.

On Friday I just stayed in. I did get gas on the way home from work, $30.

On Saturday, I was so busy all day — I went to the gym, picked up some beer, $20, and stopped at a garage sale where I spent $8 on a new, fancy coffee maker and a cool wall hanging. Yard sales are the best. After that I went to DSW to return a pair of boots, -$50, and then I spent $40 at Lowes on door trim, deck stain, and some wood putty. Stayed in that night.

Yesterday, I spent $12 on a prescription for my dog (my vet was able to call it in without me going there, which was amazing), $68 on gardening supplies and perennials for my flower garden (I’m secretly 70 years old), and $25 on groceries for the week, then I went home, threw stuff in the crock pot for dinner, and stained my deck. Still needs another coat and I ran out of stain after I was 90% of the way done. Argh.

Total: $203, less $50 for the boots I returned, so $153 net. I need to stop doing home improvement projects for a bit because they’re killing my budget. But I want to fix all the things!

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