Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Monday! Ugh!

Friday after work I went to Home Depot for supplies to fix my house’s front lights, $26. I also spent $28 at Kohl’s and $20 at Petco.

On Saturday I rode my horse and then my dad came by to help me install my new front lights. Turned out the wiring is messed up and we’ll need an electrician. Sigh. Homeownership — where even the simplest tasks turn into A Whole Thing. After that I ordered a bathing suit online, $26, and we stayed in and made pizza at home.

Yesterday, I went to the gym, played 9 holes of golf with my friend ($25), and then picked up groceries, $40. In the evening we went to see 42nd Street at the PPAC in Providence. My friend’s friend was in the show, so we got comped tickets, but I bought us all waters and pretzels, $11.

I estimated $100, spent $146.

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