The Cost of (Not) Going to Australia
Meghan Nesmith

My boyfriend and I just booked a trip to Norway last night for this exact reason! $312 a person round trip flight from Boston. We had been talking about going somewhere without a specific destination or timeframe in mind, so we saw the deal and grabbed it. It’s not until October so we have a bit of time to save up for hotels and food. I did the same thing last June— found a flight to Iceland for $325 and booked it on a whim for that October. Ended up adding a side trip to Copenhagen for another $165. Then in November I saw a flight to LA for $236 round trip for January, so I did that as well (I had a free place to stay there). But there have been a handful of deals we’ve seen and not jumped on lately that made me feel all wanderlusty and regretful (there was a deal last week for $699 for Thailand that included RT airfare AND hotel but it was only 6 nights and I felt it wasn’t worth the journey). But, I’m excited for how things worked out too, and have been enjoying basing my life around cheap airfare.

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