Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

My weekend also went from Friday at noon until this morning, and it was a doozy!

I took my dog to the vet Friday afternoon, which cost $400, and she needs to go back tomorrow for another $325 test. She has cardiac disease, and it’ll only get worse, but we can slow it down with medicine.

After that, I needed to get new tires for my truck (my old ones were 8 years old and had 70k miles on them). That was $527 and I got Panera while I was waiting, $10.

On Saturday, me, my boyfriend, and my parents drove up to Maine for the weekend. I spent $7 on coffee. Spent the weekend playing board games, eating good food, watching fireflies, etc. Drove back Monday and yesterday I disc golfed ($10) and got some stuff done.

Total: $944 :(

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