Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

We spent the weekend in Vermont! I filled my boyfriend’s gas tank, $30, and picked him up at Logan Airport. Traffic was awful and a woman rolled down her window, flipped me off, and screamed “F*** you!” at me for…being in front of her in the gridlock? I don’t know, but I was traumatized despite the fact that I’ve been driving in Boston traffic for many years. No one has ever been that outright aggressive before. Haha.

Anyway, we made it Vermont without incident after that. On Saturday, we went to The Alchemist Brewery and bought a case of Heady Topper to bring home. From there my boyfriend and I split off from the group and went to the Von Trapp Brewery and walked around downtown Stowe. Then we met back up with our crew to taste cheese at Cabot and cider at Cold Hollow, and spent the night in the lodge. I spent $3 on some maple sugar candy, $12 on a small bottle of maple whiskey for my mom, who dog-sat for us, plus of course gave her some Headies.

On Sunday, a few people went skiing and I read a book in the lodge. After that, my boyfriend and I split off from the group again, and went to Burlington for some beers. We had drinks at Manhattan Pizza and a great dinner at Sweetwater’s (I know Just_MM had some great recommendations), because The Farmhouse had a 2 hour 45 minute wait! My boyfriend insisted on paying for all our meals and our share of the cabin.

Yesterday we packed up, had breakfast in Stowe, and did a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s factory, and headed home. Last night the house was TOO quiet after spending a weekend with 6 other couples and 5 kids under 2.

Total: $45

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