Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Yay! A short week!

I estimated $100, I think, and I stayed under it, though I spent more than I meant to!

I was doing so well Friday and all day Saturday, as I spent most of that time at home and didn’t spend any money. Then the BF suggested going to Home Goods to look for a lamp. Ended up not finding the lamp he wanted, but because of Home Goods sorcery I did spend $48 — I found some PERFECT Xmas gifts there (coworker, bestie, and BF’s mom are all done now!) as well as a cosmetics case for myself. I didn’t plan on spending that, but I feel OK about it since I found some amazing gifts that I would’ve needed to buy anyway. I almost bought new slippers at DSW, but I stuck to my budget and left them behind despite the $20 off coupon I had :(

Yesterday, I spent $39 on groceries and Thanksgiving baking supplies, and $11 at Ocean State Job Lot on aluminum trays for Thanksgiving, and dog treats.

Total: $98. Despite the splurge, still a pretty reasonable weekend!