The Rise Of Single-Person Home Ownership
Megan Reynolds

YES! If I always waited on my partners, I would never have done ANYTHING in my life. I bought a home by myself at age 22. I then sold it for a profit and bought a better house at 26, again by myself even though I had been in a serious live-in relationship for a few years at that point. When that boyfriend and I broke up, I thanked my past-self for not putting his name on anything, and then I got roommates to pay my mortgage for me and took the trip to Iceland that I could never get my ex to commit to.

After that, I dated one guy who owned his own place, which was almost more annoying because we could never agree on whose house to hang out at (my house was closer to both of our jobs, so he ended up crashing at my house every night of the week, which was also annoying) and he would get mad at me for wanting to do my yard work on the weekends. We broke up and now I’m dating someone who is nowhere near ready to own his own house (though he helps with mowing my lawn, replacing leaky faucets, and things like that). So long story short, big home repairs and improvements would be sooo much less stressful if it was a dual income situation, but since I seem to only date jokers (current one excluded), it would be more stressful to have to legally divide property. I also have complete autonomy over the choices I make regarding the house, and when I do sell, any profits will be 100% mine. If I had waited for a guy that wanted to buy a house with me, I’d still be waiting in my shitty apartment and I never would’ve gone to Iceland!

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