Seeking a CFCEO to be my Chief Friend

Do you have what it takes to innovate disruptively?

How about disruptively innovate?

Does work-life balance mean the amount of time you owe your family cause you’re grinding the hustle 24/7/366 (No, that’s not a typo, I made a whole other day for you to shift paradigms).

Then I invite you to join my new company Rlst (pronounced “realest” like I am) as CFCEO — Chief Friend of the CEO.

During your time as CFCEO you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from me, see my many successes, get my insight from my comparatively few failures, learn from today’s top minds as you read me the emails they send me. You’ll learn how I think as you craft responses to the emails I don’t want to read (most of them) and you’ll hear my explanations of why people I thought were my friends were not (all of them).

Hours are whenever I want to whenever we get tired of playing XBox together. Please apply by tweeting a link to an Instagram of your application to Kendall Jenner (we’re friends IRL).