Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

I’m a British Expat so why should I care what happens in the old country? Well I care deeply and hope people make a decision based on more than knee jerk reactions that could be harmful in the long term.

I have been reading a range of opinions and see little on the Brexit side other than rants about immigration. It reminds me of people who have been married a long time and become dissatisfied with their spouse. They think they want out, but sometimes they just want change or improvement. I’ve seen friends abandon their vows, have flirtations or affairs only to discover that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all. Unfortunately if Britain decides to leave today it will be not so easy to change their mind and ‘remarry’. In fact it will be akin to coming back to 27 of your spouse’s best friends and asking them to convince him to take you back.

The system certainly needs improvement and oversight, hopefully if Britain remains in the EU there will be positive change.

Whatever my fellow Brits decide, I hope they can be nice about it.