The Older Entrepreneur

I woke up to another gem from Gary Vaynerchuk this morning, his latest post about today’s 50 year olds potentially having another 50 years to live resonated with me. As part of my work I occasionally visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I recently met a woman who told me she had spent her life wishing she had had more time and money so she could travel, now she had both, but sadly her deteriorating health meant that the opportunity for travel still eluded her.

Before I left the UK to live in the US, I was in a job that provided a pension plan and I was due to retire at 55, yes if I had stayed I would have been planning to retire this year. Like everyone else, I was sold the idea that we could retire early and live the dream. Even if your job was miserable it didn't matter because soon you would have all the time in the world.

Today as we continue to live into our nineties and beyond it is unlikely for many that either public or private pension funding will be able to keep up with demand. So are we are all going to hustle, run our own businesses and crush it into our eighties? I love the idea and yet when I look around at the people I know who are in their later years, they are struggling to climb the stairs never mind run a business. If we are going to become a tribe of late life entrepreneurs we are going to have to take better care of that body that carries our amazing brain around.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to be the next big thing in business or to live a life of leisure. If you want quality of life, you need a body that is able to come along for the ride. Start now!