As Salam Wa Aleykum.Greetings to all on Eid Ul Adha. The Eid ul Adha is all about Sacrifices. Sacrifices big sacrifices small. But there are few which we either ignore or we don’t consider as sacrifices. This Eid let us remember all these sacrifices:-

1. Sacrifices of our martyrs and soldiers for this nation. 
2. Sacrifices by our parents to make what we are.
3. Sacrifices by our Farmers to provide us Food we eat.
4. Sacrifices of all those lovers for their religion, so that society lives peacefully.
5.Sacrifices of every poor person who is growing poorer to make the rich richer.
6. Sacrifices of all the people who have fought Religious Fanatism, Extremism and now 'Terrorism’.
7. Sacrifices of all little girls in Haryana and all such places believing a girl to be a curse, so that all 'grown ups' can live respectfully in their society.
8.And Last but not Least- Let’s remember the sacrifices God gave to create this beautiful place called Earth so that humans can exploit and destroy it to all possible limits.

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