Colour me Happy

Today is a rainy morning and it’s been like this for 4 straight days. With the newspapers carrying alarming reports on the rain deficit that’s hit Gujarat all of last week, this wet spell has brought much rejoice to the peacocks and the farmers of our land! As the joy of the first rains has abated, talks of gloom, muck and bad roads have already started making in-roads into conversations at bus stops and parties. As I sip on my mug full of Chai I peek out of the window and notice a canary yellow — I mean as ‘ellow as ellow can be’ umbrella on the road! Unable to peel my eyes of the sight I avoid an urgent phone call to find my mind drifting away. I obviously know the importance of colours in our life and how each colour denotes a specific quality, but experiencing this first hand has a thrilling effect on me. The sight of the yellow umbrella brings a sense of joy and inspiration to me pushing away boredom and mirthlessness! I instantly feel sunny, charged and raring to go! So, what really is Yellow and what power does it possess to change my mind from wanting to sit and whine to bursting to want to write this right away!

For starters, Yellow is one of the three primary colour that creates new hues. When mixed with red it turns into a fiery orange and when added to white it makes a classy cream. Very rightly, it is considered a colour full of fertility, creativity and imagination! No, people who like yellow don’t necessarily have more kids…they, in fact, have fertile imaginations, are forever inspired and have a head full of ideas on their shoulders! Further, Yellow holds the power of being noticed. It screams attention! Who can ever miss the sight of a school bus on the road, an important message on a Post-it at work or Govinda wearing that positively hideous jacket in the Bollywood blockbuster Hero No. 1! Positive or negative is definitely subjective but one thing’s for sure — Yellow is a head-turner!

It is also deemed as a source of energy and enhancement. A few drops of lemon add zing to food, a yellow sunflower creates cheer and joy, a yellow cushion energises the living space, the Kaali Peelis create adventure on Mumbai roads — 5 minutes of riding on one and you’ll know what I’m talking about! And, finally the smallest dose of turmeric makes our food visually appealing and definitely appetising! Yellow has also a certain cutesy quality about it! Well, the Tweety Bird, Winnie the Pooh, Sponge Bob and Big Bird haven’t ruled our hearts over the years for nothing! Have you ever thought why oh why even the famous rubber duck that has a play date every morning at a child’s bathing session is no other colour but yellow!!

Yellow means readying for action — as seen in the Traffic Light, in the morning Sun beckoning us live another glorious day, an inviting dose of butter on the breakfast table or piping hot corn kernels to make the most of the rains! Yellow to my 9 year old is the indication of a joyous surprise, to my Virgo husband is a symbol of ‘Guruvar’ — Thursday a day to wear yellow, to my son the quintessential Dal — a lentil that he can’t imagine a meal without and to me — Basant Panchami, that day of the year when you dress in yellow, that day of the year when I was engaged to Joey!

Who had ever thought that a simple disinterested look out of window would wrap me up in feelings of joy, enthusiasm and gratefulness!

Yellowly Yours,