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Ester Bloom

AS someone who DOES write for a living, both articles are spot-on. Because, I’m sorry, define “living”. Does it mean being a machine that perpetually barfs out a new “10 Ways Your Mascara is Attracting the Evil Eye” every three days, is it watching every trend in my field, morning, noon and night, even though it’s boring as fuck? Is it hounding editors for measly payments that they agreed to? Because none of that sounds like a living. Working freelance is BEYOND a full time job, meaning it’s just as soul-crushing as any other day job, and they pay CAN be good, but as you said, you have to hustle and stay in the game awhile before your number comes up. It’s not all mugs of tea and nice music while you pen your first chapter book from the comfort of your sun room.

Which is a goddamn shame, because the literary world could certainly use a fresh perspective.

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