How I Became The Most Popular Product on Product Hunt

What happens when you become the product?

Yesterday evening I decided to, as a little gag, make a page on my new website allowing people to apply to have me beta test their products. It wasn’t a fancy page. I threw together a little static folder, listed my devices, and instructed people to email or DM me on Twitter.

I wasn’t planning on sharing it anywhere. I figured that nobody would be interested in an individual as a service, but I decided to post the link to Product Hunt hoping to get maybe an upvote or two.

My very full inbox and notifications changed my mind this morning.

It turns out that my entire perception of a good product was wrong. 
To me there had always been this idea that to be a successful product you needed to be code heavy, over designed, and highly automated. Animations always were a plus, and if you gave discounts or integrated with Slack in some way you’d be basically the equivalent of product catnip.

I can tell you now from experience that it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m not saying that having a heavily animated, over designed, and highly automated product is a bad thing. Neither is living in Sketch, carefully making each curve something beautiful like the iPhone 5s. What I’m saying is that to make a product, you just to realize that what you’re really selling is yourself. You are the product. Your code, your ideas, your skills, your passion. Sell your passion and you’ll get somewhere with it.

Being human is the best way to build connections. I’ve worked with a collection of companies who have held onto their brand image tighter than their “secret sauce”. Don’t do that. Be human. Talk to your customers and make them realize that you are who they’re buying from. That’s part of the reason why Product Hunt is so successful. It’s not about the app, site, or book. It’s about you, you are what you’re selling. I know at least that I’ll always default to the app that reaches out to me personably.

The Summary

I might be the first person to ever become a product on Product Hunt, but that doesn’t mean that I should be the last. Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about if your site is good enough, or if your images are perfectly proportioned (If something’s broken you’ll be alerted to it). Just work along as you go and make everything simple, fun, and let your passion be heard!

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