The Impressive Ford Ranger

Tristan Stone
Aug 16, 2018 · 2 min read

The Ford Ranger is among these vehicles becoming popular rapidly and Ford has recognised this. You will find there’s unique with the Ranger called the Ranger Wildtrak which seems to be very famous one other models. It is specifically made throughout the outdoor adventure sports enthusiast seeking head turning looks and practical functionality.
Ford claims by purchasing its outstanding selectable 4x4 capability, the Ranger Wildtrak is an ideal vehicle to hold the active sportsperson to the most extreme terrain, all over the world. The Wildtrak model is definitely distinguishable by its front grille, functional roof bars and side steps. An attractive front over-rider, unique aluminium sports bar and colour-coded door handle protectors at the side and rear.

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Any additional practically doesn’t imply less luxury features inside; the inner continues to be as luxurious like a typical family car. The Wildtrak was basically the initial UK Ford model in the future using a fully integrated DAB digital radio with MP3 technology contained in the standard specification.
Standard specification in the exclusive edition Next year Wildtrak includes:
• Driver and passenger airbags
• Air-Conditioning
• Two-tone leather dark grey/light grey interior
• Blaupunkt DAB54 digital radio with MP3 technology
• Scuff plates
• Electric windows and mirrors
• Roll ’n’ lock “Mountain Top” Truck bed cover
• Sports bar
• Roof bars
• Bed-liner
• Side step rails
• Rear stop bar
• Five-spoke alloy wheels
• Unique Wildtrak side and rear decaling
For more info about xe ford ban tai site: read more.

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