10 Tricks to Click Better Candid Photos

Candid photos focus on what a given subject is doing naturally rather than what the subject must be doing. These photos are somewhat similar to the stolen shots. Images taken in candid photography are not of people who look at the camera directly but they are taken stealthily, without the knowledge of the subject.

Here are a few tips to excel at taking candid photos.

1. Always Carry the Camera

Make sure to carry your camera always with you since you never know when you will get the opportunity to click the best shot of your life.

You need to be observant, capacitated to pick the moments that can make a great picture. Each and every moment is unique. Since this is a candid photo, you won’t get another chance to click. So be ready with your camera, point and shoot.

2. Use Long Zoom

The further you are from your subject, the less likely are they to know that they are being photographed. As you can guess, this makes them significantly more relaxed.

Using long zoom or telephoto lens aids in shooting from outside the personal space but keeps the feeling of intimacy in the shot.

3. Avoid Flash Usage

It is better to avoid using flash as much as possible while you are taking candid pictures. It signals the subject that you are taking his picture. Moreover, nothing can be as frustrating as the blinding light of flash while your subject is having a great time.

If you don’t have adequate light to take the shot, you can increase the ISO settings, use faster lens, open up the aperture or if your camera has a natural light mode, keep it on.

4. Be Patient

You need to be patient regardless of the type of photography you are shooting for, but remaining patient is perhaps the most vital part of the candid pictures. Since you are shooting these photos without the knowledge of the subject, you need to be patient for that smile of the subject or wait for him to turn towards you.

5. Add Context

Photos lack depth if you fail to add context.

You can place the subject to the right or the left of the frame to show at least a little bit of the things that your subject was doing at a given point of time. Another great way is shooting the place along with the subject. Make sure to capture the mood of the day as well as the things your subject is involved in to present the viewers a complete picture.

6. Don’t Worry about Lighting Techniques

You need not use complicated lighting strategies while taking candid photos. Remember that having the perfect picture is not necessary always. You need the photo to capture real life and unscripted shots.

7. Blend In

Taking candid pictures needs discipline. The photographer needs to blend in. If you do not blend in, you will find it hard to capture your subject unaware. If you are continually holding your camera to the eye level, you will make your subject conscious.

8. Move Around your Subject

If you are taking a candid photo, you cannot ask your subject to pose or stand in a given position. You can’t ask them to look natural while posing either since that creates the most awkward shots.

You can get up and walk around the subject till you have positioned them the way you like. Don’t take all the photos seated in the same position. That would look boring as well as predictable. Include movement to mix up things.

9. Shoot in the Burst Mode

People are quite unpredictable and you get only one chance when you take a candid photo.

Make sure that you take lots of pictures. You are bound to be surprised by the things you find. You will end up with something spontaneous or funny. Shooting in the burst mode enhances the chance of capturing that dream shot you have been longing for.

10. Capture your Subject in Black and White

Converting your picture into black and white is a great idea as it helps to capture the emotion of the subject. One of the best approaches you can take here is shooting people who are in constant motion. If you shoot an individual in black and white, it will emphasize the action of the individual rather than the face.

The best way to capture candid pictures is experimenting often. Explore everything and try different angles. Check out on the work of other photographers for inspiration.

Contributed by: gulfphotoplus.com