Cold Nodes Hosting at Trittium

How to deploy a masternode at the trttNodes platform

We will see how to deploy one node at the trttNodes platform:


  • Coin desktop wallet.
  • One whole node collateral + 1 coin more.
  • 5€ in balance at your trttNodes platform trittium wallet.

STEP 1.-

Login into your trttNodes account and go to HOT MN.

STEP 2.-

In this case, we will create a DMME Masternode. So we choose DMME, and we will put a name to the node, just for our internal control, “DMME1” for example.

STEP 3.-

Go to your desktop wallet and create one address.

Menu/File/Receiving address

And you will see something like this:

Press the button NEW; then you will see a pop up where you can write in the label the address name. Put the name that you want, in this case, DMME 1. Press ok.
(All the wallets seem to be different, but all are the same).

You have now a new address, copy it.

STEP 4.-

Send the exactly the collateral amount form your desktop wallet to the address you have just created. Forget fees, just send the exact collateral amount, not more or less. In this case 1,000 DMME. (Each coin have different collateral, please check the amount)


In the desktop wallet, go to Transactions. There you will see all the transactions made from/to this wallet.

The last one will say “Pay to yourself”. We select it two times with the mouse.

A new pop-up appears now with the transaction details.

When the transaction reaches 15 confirmations, copy the line below “transaction ID” with a lot of numbers and letters.

Now go back to the trttNodes platform.

Paste the transaction ID at the space that says “Collateral transaction.”

And press CREATE.

We get this, and we press VIEW INFO.

*We must wait up to 3–4 minutes to see the masternode config line.
Then you will see a line with a lot of numbers and letters, that is:
Name + IP:PORT + Privkey + MN Outputs +0/1

Now it is really easy, follow these steps:

  1. - Copy ALL the line.
  2. - Open your desktop wallet and go to Tools/Open mn. configuration file.
  3. - Paste the line.
  4. - Save the file.
  5. - Close the wallet.
  6. Open the desktop wallet again and wait for full sync.
  7. Go to the tab “MasterNodes”, select your new masternode and press Start Masternode. Wait some time to confirm, but nothing more to do, your node will be ok!!!!
If you receive an error message like “Failed to start Masternode XXXX”, try to run it in this way:
Unlock your wallet and wait for full sync.
Go to Tools/Depuration Console.
Write this line: startmasternode alias “” XXX
XXX= The name of your masternode.

Please remember: Masternode are deployed into a VPS, your desktop wallet can be closed all the time, as it is only needed to receive the rewards.

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