Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes
May 2 · 3 min read

How to keep your coins with you and deploy a node in 3 clicks

We will show you how to deploy a node on trttNodes platform:


  • Coin desktop wallet.


Login into your trttNodes account and press “SETUP NODE” button.

In this example, we will deploy a Trittium (TRTT) masternodenode .

So, we search for “Trittium” in the search bar.


Now it is time to set up your masternode.

A.- Enter a name for your node, something like MN1 is ok. **ATTENTION** THE NAME CAN’T INCLUDE SPACES

B.- Paste here the collateral transaction needed from the wallet.

C.- Instructions. When you press there, a text box will appear below, explaining how to create the transaction and get the Tx ID.


This is what you will see into “My nodes” page once the node is ready for deployment, here we press the “Green Play” button.

You will see now the new instructions. Just follow them.

Below the instructions, you will see a long line with a lot of letters and numbers, this is the line you must copy at your masternode config file:

As explained before, you just have to paste the line, save the config file and close and open again your wallet.

Wait for a full synchronization, go to the Masternodes tab into your wallet, select your masternode from the list and press the button “Start alias”, located in the bottom.


Sometimes The function “Start Alias” gives an IP error. In such cases, you must start your Masternode from the debug console.

Into your wallet, after a full synchronization, go to Tools/Depur Console, you will see a new window, where you should type these other options:

Option 1

startmasternode alias "" <your_mn_alias>

As an example, if the node name was MN1, you should type:

startmasternode alias “” MN1

Option 2

masternode start-alias <your_mn_alias>

As an example, if the node name was MN1, you should type:

masternode start-alias MN1

If you get an error message like “could not allocate vin” or similar, it means you probably didn't make right some of the first steps related to the collateral transaction. Please, start again.

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