How to move a running Zel node to the trttNodes platform

And do not stop your node.
Aug 28 · 4 min read

We will show you how to move a running Zel node to the trttNodes platform and do not stop it.


  • 1 Zelnode running at any hosting provider.
  • 5€ in balance in Trittium at the trttNodes platform.

This guide assumes you have already deployed one node at any other hoster provider and you want to move it to the trttNodes platform, if you wish to deploy a new node, please, use this link:


Login into your trttNodes account and press “SETUP NODE” button.

In this example, we will deploy a Basic Zel Node (ZEL).

Now it is time to set up your masternode.

  • Navigate to the “Zelcash” folder in the “Roaming” directory and open the Zelnode.conf file, then copy the last numbers and letters as the image shows, do not copy the space and final number.

Now, we search for “ZEL” in the search bar and click the ZelCash logo:

  • Paste now the collateral transaction needed. (The one we just copied).
  • Press Setup Masternode.

Show Instructions. When you press there, a text box will appear below, explaining how to create the transaction and get the Tx ID.

Once you press “Setup Masternode” you will see this pop-up.

Now click “Done”. Then on the left column of the Trittium website, click on “Portfolio” then click “My Nodes”.

This will bring you to your dashboard. At this point, the status of your node will show “Processing”.

Within a few minutes, you will be getting a confirmation e-mail from Trittium, which includes all the required data for your zelnode.conf file.

Navigate to the “Zelcash” folder in the “Roaming” directory and open the Zelnode.conf file, then paste the line that was provided to you in the e-mail you received from Trittium**. Delete the old line you have for the previous node.

**You can also get such line if you press the green play button at the platform into the “My Nodes” option.

Save the file. Then exit and restart the Zel wallet in “Full Node” mode. You have to wait to it’s fully synced 100%.

Click “Tools” then “ZelNodes Management” then “Start Zelnodes”.

It will ask you two questions. Click “Single Node” (Or the node size you are deploying), then select the node you wish to start. Then click “Start ZelNode.”

After a short while, your node should now be “Enabled” on the Trittium platform, and it should look like this:

Oh, don’t forget to stop your old server!!!

If you have any doubt, please contact the trittium team at our Discord.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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